White Waffle Knit Drool Bib

White Waffle Knit Drool Bib


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Babies drool, getting their clothes soaking wet but you still don’t want to ruin those adorable outfits with a traditional bib. Combing fashion and function these drool bibs will look adorable while keeping your babies dry. 

The unique lining fabric sets this drool bib apart from others on the market. The waterproof layer is sandwiched  between a fashion fabric top layer and cotton bottom. 

Two sets of plastic snaps keep the bibs metal free, but harder to remove than Velcro and allows the bibs to fit most babies. 


Neck Hole Diameter 11” - 13”
Neck edge to point 6”

All products are handmade for you in the US. I do not produce the fabric that my items are made from and am not associated with Disney or any other licensed company.

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